Company Profile

Retlm Tutors is a multinational education services company focused on providing high quality tutoring services. Led by experienced professionals, the company has developed impressive core competencies in delivery of world class tutoring service. In a short span of time Retlm Tutors has undertaken impressive partnerships that would facilitate the delivery of unmatched services to students around the globe. The company has a team of experienced tutors who are well trained to meet the educational needs of students in U.K, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, New Zealand, United States, Australia and China.


Retlm Tutors management team has rich international experience in delivering quality service. The team is led by the executives educated & trained from leading International educational institutions including Cambridge University. The management team is committed to positioning Retlm Tutors as the leading education services player in the tutoring sphere.

Mission Statement

Retlm Tutors mission is to provide world-class online tutoring and high-quality education at affordable rates to students around the world.