Thank you for your support Ann got ‘A’ in math’s for the first time and we are very pleased about this. Ann will be taking maths for sixth form. We will let you know when Ann needs lessons. Thanks


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Samuel Singh, Parent of a Retlm Tutors Student, Qatar

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David, A- Levels Physics Student

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Adrian, Father of GCSE Sciences Student

Our daughter was really afraid of GCSE Math. In fact, this was our single biggest worry after she entered GCSE. However, after joining Retlm Tutors, she has become fascinated about the subject. Retlm Tutors mode of tutoring has totally eliminated the fear of Math in her. Now she tackles each and every problem with real confidence.

Mr & Mrs Guru UAE

The Retlm tutors tutoring program helped me a lot. Having someone explain A Levels Business Studies to me, one-on-one, was the best way for me to learn. I started doing better in Business Studies class and in my other classes, too. Now I have the confidence and skills to do better in school. I have been telling all my friends of the wonderful Retlm Tutoring program.

Business Studies Student for A Level

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Serena, who scored 5 A* and 3As in her IGCSE Examination 2014

Retlm Tutors has definitely contributed in Malav’s 9 A* in GCSE, 4A in AS and 3A in A2 levels results. we are thankful to all the tutors of Retlm Tutors who contributed in Malav’s success and good result.

Jagdish Mehta

I started studying from Retlm Tutors in grade 9 just for some additional help. The next summer I did two O level subjects entirely from their tutoring and scored A*s. Throughout my A-levels, the tutors have been there to clarify all concepts and provide amazing exam tips. The flexible timings and ease of studying from home made managing multiple activities and college applications alongside academics much feasible. I’ve started my undergrad at Cambridge University this fall and I can safely say Retlm has had a major role in helping me get this far!

Miral, Cambridge University