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IGCSE & A-Levels examination tips

IGCSE & A-Levels examination tips
IGCSE & A-Levels examination tips
Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Doha & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

For students in Middle East especially those studying in UAE, Qatar & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia preparing for IGCSE & A-Levels examinations can be a bit challenging. The key reasons being that most of the students are from expatriates’ families and as such significant percentage of students did not follow British curriculum at the primary level. Another, factor of difficulty   is that such students normally change two or three schools till the IGCSE stage. Hence for students in Gulf preparing for IGCSE & A-Levels requires a well-planned step wise program including:

1-Time Management

All through the period of 5 years covering IGCSE & A-Levels time management is the key success factor. Especially for A Levels students who have to undertake the application process & interviews with universities etc. the factor of time management attains even greater importance.

Essentials of time management

  • Keeping time for daily revision
  • Trying to keep same time every day for studies
  • Achieving the targeted topics coverage within the allocated time
2-Course Coverage

Keeping the syllabus as prescribed by the relevant examination board e.g. Cambridge CIE, Edexcel , AQA etc as the base the student must make a lesson plan outlining the time duration to be given for each topic & total time required for curriculum coverage.

3-Notes Revision

Students who continuously make & update notes regarding all key topics normally secure higher grades than otherwise. While making notes mind mapping techniques can be more effective than just relying on long wording text.

4-Past papers based assessment

Past paper based assessment remains the most productive step in attaining high grades in IGCSE & A-Levels. A large percentage of students in UAE, Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia utilize a private tutor or an online tutor to assist with past examination papers coverage.

One of the most effective techniques online tutors normally utilize is to upload one or more past examination paper on their computer screen .Thereafter, the students can undertake & discuss different questions across different past examination papers. This technique is most effective where the online tutor has already undertaken an assessment of the subject and is well aware of the gaps & topics that need reinforcement.

5-Healthy daily routine

For a five year academic effort a productive mind requires a healthy body. Daily exercise, good nutritious food & plenty of water goes a long way in preparing students for the examination day.

Regular walks can help in managing increased anxiety especially in the examination period.

6-Examination Day
  • Have a calm state of mind.
  • First reading of the examination paper should be thorough & slow.
  • Plan time for each question.
  • Start with questions you are most comfortable with.
  • Ensure you answer each part of every question.
  • Keep time in the end for rechecking answers.